Bath Linen

Bath Linen

We are a prominent provider of Bath Linen in South India, and our sole mission is to provide high-quality merchandise. Bath linen is extensively used in hospitals and hotels. Our Bath Linen ranges from soft bath mats to comfortable bath robes, which you step into after a shower and not to forget immediately before drying yourself in that luxurious soft terry towel. Terry towels come in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit your preferences. Printing and/or embroidery can be done to add value to products and your organisation. Our bath linen is supplied at the most competitive prices to our valued customers.

Yarn Dyed Towels

These out-of-the-box towel designs will always brighten your day. Before the towel is manufactured, the yarn is dyed to a specific colour, as the name implies, and  these colours are blended and weaved to get pretty adorable terry towels.

Towels for Spa

We believe that a spa is a place where your body can be rejuvenated. As your body tends to come back for more.  Our basic, clean, and pure terry towels will truly rejuvenate every atom of your body, and you will want to use them again and again.

Towels for Hotels

Our 100 % cotton towels are velvety, luxurious, and of the highest quality. So that each and every one of your venue's guests gets a luxurious bathing experience. We have signature products that can be embossed, embroidered, or even woven with the brand image.

White Towels

Our traditional towel collection includes everything from budget-friendly to high-end options. Used at hospitals, hotels, motels, spas, and a long number of other places... Face towels, hand towels, bath towels, and bath mats are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Pool Towels

The term "beach towels" is a synonym for this. 30" x 60" or 36" x 72" and larger are the most common sizes. A fantastic product for a relaxed get-together. Although pool towels are known for blue stripes, we may also offer them in various colours to stand out.

Bath Robes

A well-known premium garment. It provides a wonderful bathing experience. It has a rich feel, especially after a warm shower and a great soft cotton terry embrace to make you feel comfortable. Prepare to be wowed by our superior quality in a variety of textures.